The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section has been created to address common concerns and questions that the public might have as well as providing information on the processes to follow regarding services offered by government or non-government organisations.

Town Planning

These documents will provide information on Knysna and Bitou municipality:

  • Processes to be followed for town planning applications
  • Time-frames for applications
  • Types of applications considered
  • Land use rights after a Fire Disaster
  • Where to find application forms for town planning
  • Application fees
  • Town planning advice

Knysna Fire Disaster Impact FAQs

This document will provide you with all the information on the impact of the fire disaster in the Knysna Municipality in terms of the:

  • Environment
  • Economy/Business
  • Informal Settlements
  • Formal Settlements
  • Fires/Safety
  • Water
  • Building Control
  • Aid

Social Services FAQs

For those impacted by the disaster, there are many services available. This document provides information on what is being offered such as who is eligible, what documents are required and the organisations contact details.

Green Home Checklist

Find out about the energy and water saving measures you can implement in the rebuilding process which will reduce resource use and save you money.

Building Controls

Find out about building control processes, demolition applications, rubble removal, energy efficiency regulations, occupation certificates, temporary structures, waiving of fees and water conservation.