FAQ General Procedure to follow What is the process to be followed for Town Planning applications?

The process consists of the following steps:

  1. Pre-application consultation (not compulsory – advice – minutes to be kept)
  2. Applicant submits application
  3. Municipality acknowledge receipt of application (1 day)
  4. Municipality assess whether application is complete and notify applicant (30 days)
  5. Applicant to provide additional information (30 days)
  6. Municipality to notify applicant that application is complete (21 days)
  7. Municipality to place notice of application in media (14 days)
  8. Statutory period for advertisement (30 days)
  9. Municipality to provide applicant with copies of comments/objections (14 days)
  10. Applicant reply to comments/objections (30 days)
  11. Municipality to decide on the application (120 days)
  12. The Municipality notify the applicant and objectors of its decision and right to appeal (21 days)
  13. Appeal Period (21 days)
  14. Appellant submit proof of notification to municipality (14 days)
  15. Municipality provides objector’s appeal to applicant (14 days)
  16. Applicant to submit response to appeal (21 days)
  17. Municipality draft report assessing the appeal to Appeal Authority (30 days)
  18. Appeal Authority decide on appeal (60 days)
  19. Municipality notify parties of decision on appeal (21 days)

FAQ What are the time frames for applications? Decision-making period & Failure to act within time period

After complete application:

  • 60 days if Authorised Employee
  • 120 days if Tribunal
  • Failure to make decision, can be appealed with referral to interested and effected parties – see sections 77 and 78