Route to Recovery – Our role in the Garden Route Rebuild

By Leah Moodaley

Dr Hildegarde Fast, Deputy Director-General of Energy Security for the WCG, was appointed to head the activities
of provincial government in the Garden Route area. Dr Fast explains that the role of the WCG in rebuilding Knysna and Bitou is one of coordination.  “We are tasked to pull everything together. A lot has happened, many people are helping, and someone needs to coordinate the response. In a situation like this, you need to have central coordination. Seven work streams have been established, each with a different set of stakeholders. Humanitarian support, for example, would require the services of the Department of Social Development, along with the  departments of Labour & Home Affairs, the South African Social Security Agency, and relevant non-governmental organisations. Our role involves getting all role players in a room and developing a plan of action. The end goal is to make all processes as simple as possible for all people affected.”

The seven work streams include: Reconstruction; Infrastructure; Environmental Management; Humanitarian Support; Funding and Resources; Skills Development; and Business Support.