Mudslide update

Article: Cabral Wicht

In preparation of the anticipated rain over the weekend of 6 August, emergency services within the Eden District were placed on standby. Due to the impact of the recent fires, the rainfall increased the risk of mudslides and rockfalls in the Knysna and Plettenberg Bay areas. While this risk has been anticipated and significant effort dedicated to securing and stabilising slopes, the municipalities within Eden activated their contingency plans as a precaution. Residents at risk in the affected areas were notified of the risk, however, no structural damage has yet been reported.

More contingency measures at Brenton-on-Lake.

So far the only incidents that have been reported due to mudslides are two accidents which occurred on the N2 which was very speedily responded to. SANRAL has already conducted an inspection of the high slopes next to the N2 – the burnt trees are being removed, dead plants are being cut down to encourage regrowth and a new fence is being installed. This is a slow process due to the size of the area and the need to limit disruption to traffic.

Contingency measures works well at Brenton-on-Lake.

If you have been affected by a mudslide or require assistance with preventative measures in the Knysna municipality you can contact: Pamela Booth (Manager: Environmental Planning) on or 044 302 6300

Erosion control being implemented.