Zapping aliens

Article: Wildlife and Environment Society of South Africa

At very short notice WESSA tried to get the young folk to use just an hour on a Sunday afternoon to bring the family and pull out the small wattles that are regrowing after the fire a year ago along Plantation Road, Heatherlands, George.

This area is a classic case study: the fires damaged the pine plantation to the extent that the pines left standing were cleared. The open area has now become a wonderful nursery for the wattle seed bank to sprout and develop. NOW is the time to get into this kind of area. The saplings are short and easy to remove by hand. BUT it needs ongoing repeat actions as when the rains come and the warmer growing season starts, the saplings will grow even faster.

Sadly the young ones in the neighbourhood must have been exhausted by the holidays and only one brave youngster brought his parents along and joined the oldies! One of the volunteers counted the amount of saplings that she pulled out and estimates that in just over 1 hour she removed 500 wattle saplings. Twelve people, altogether removed 6000 Wattles.

Imagine 6000 fully grown trees and the time and cost to eradicate them as well as the potential fire hazard?

WESSA would like to request everyone to just stop and remove any wattles spotted when walking, running or cycling; or make a family outing and have a fun competition!