Article by Herman Pieters, Eden District Municipality

A project initiated by the Garden Route Rebuild Initiative is taking shape after 90 people have been trained by the Department of Environmental Affairs (DEA) and the Natural Resource Management Programme (NRMP) on how to stabilise slopes and prevent erosion. Currently, teams are installing Erosion Control Cylinders, otherwise known as ‘Soil Sausages,’ in Belvidere, Knysna.

The initiative targets areas with steep slope angles because such areas are prone to erosion and mudslides. Pam Booth, from Knysna Municipality’s Environmental Management Section, said that: “Knysna Municipality also dispatched an additional 20 staff members, including a superintendant, to deliver and install blankets and logs in collaboration with Working on Fire (WoF) teams.”

Erosion Control Cylinders contain compost and facilitate the growth of new vegetation, which will reduce erosion caused by rain. Water easily passes through cylinders, leaving silt and sediment behind.

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Training provided by DEA and NRMP to 90 people responsible for erosion control.

Soil Sausages are being installed at various areas in the Garden Route to prevent erosion and mudslides.